Tan Yong He

Programming dreams into reality

Hello World! I'm currently a Year 3 Computer Science Student from National University of Singapore.

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Feel free to contact me at tanyonghe@u.nus.edu if there's anything! (:


National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Computing · Expected Second Upper Class Honours
Computer Science - Computer Security Track
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence Track
Computer Science - Networking and Distributed Systems Track
August 2016 - May 2020


R&D of Malware Analysis Tools Intern

Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies

Developed an automated tool that can edit, analyze, rebuild, and extract the resources of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows portable executable files.

May 2019 - August 2019

Data Science Course Teaching Assistant

Singapore Data Science Academy

Joined the teaching team for SDSA's Core Foundations For Data Science Course.

October 2018 - November 2018

Data Analyst Intern


Monitored performance of visual search systems to analyse and generate insights.
Identified opportunities and improved search performances by 20% from baseline evaluations.

May 2018 - August 2018

NUS Undergraduate Tutor

National University of Singapore

Assigned to teach and grade assignments in a Python programming methodology module.

August 2017 - December 2017


NUS CAC Resource Director

NUS Students' Cultural Activities Club Main Committee

Successfully balanced resource allocation between all 12 dance and music subclubs under CAC.
Effectively helped to bridge communications between subclubs and the school for all resource matters.

July 2018 - August 2019

Vice President

NUS Statistics Society

Oversaw the society’s welfare, operations, and projects.

April 2018 - December 2018

Data Science Competition Project Director

NUS Statistics Society

Successfully organized NUS Data Science Competition 2018 which attracted a turnout of 200 students.
Selected and led a committee to run the project and achieved the set goals.
Oversaw the 2-day hackathon event together with our partner Terra Weather, an AI-tech company.

August 2017 - March 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Comfortable in general programming languages like C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python
  • Worked with hardware products like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, as well as I/O devices like sensors and LEDs
  • Understanding and applying concepts in Software Development, Computer Security, Networking and Distributed Systems
  • Undestanding the Data Science methodology and Machine Learning concepts


Apart from being a developer, I also enjoy dancing in the locking and popping genre.

Do check out my CAC+US 2018 and CAC+US 2019 performances here!

When enjoying my alone time, I prefer gaming and following a number of shows like Anime, American or Korean Dramas.


Anti-Phishing SMS (APS) System

Splash Awards 2019

The APS System aims to become a new layer of cybersecurity protection that uses machine learning techniques to detect plausible phishing SMS messages and flags them out with reasons for suspicions, which can also help to educate users on what to spot for phishing signs and to enable them to make more well-informed decisions with valuable information provided by this system.

I first researched on helpful features found in phishing messages, before extracting them and training a model to predict if messages are phishing or not.

I also picked up React Native and built an Android application that scans through incoming SMS messages and uses the trained model to flag out potential phishing messages.

Bird Box Challenge

NUS Hack & Roll 2019 · Top 8 Winner

Bird Box Challenge is a game that introduces gamification to typical physiotherapy sessions, making it fun for patients. This is achieved with the help of a small accelerometer that tracks displacement in orientations to control the game.

I enjoyed the (tiring) process of trying to code the game mechanics, dealing with the implementation and calibration of the accelerometer readings, and coming up with the game designs all within 24 hours.

I also hope this project is able to contribute to becoming a Proof of Concept for future gamification ideas such as this!

WITS Robot

NUS Makerthon 2019

The WITS Robot is an interactive robot companion that empowers children suffering from cerebral palsy to go on superhero adventures.

Through its interactive reminder system and superhero training games, these children will be motivated to move around and exercise more in order to prevent muscular atrophy and strengthen their muscles instead, therefore mitigating the effects of their cerebral palsy condition.

This was one of the coolest projects I've done as it was my first time messing around with software-hardware integrations by getting the Python software to communicate with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices to trigger sound and motion responses.


Hacksmith v2.0 · Computer Security OSS Development

Freki is an open-source web security tool that helps penetration testers scan through related web pages of a given site to detect the presence of a malicious payload. By automating this tedious process, results can be achieved much faster than having to manually search through all the pages.

This project was accomplished with the help of Python and its extensive frameworks and libraries to aid web crawling and content parsing.

Get Into My Head

The Good Idea Hackathon · 1st Runner-up

Get Into My Head aims to help address the social issue of mental health by focusing on depression and allowing others to put themselves into the shoes of depression patients through an immersive gameplay using VR technology.

See, daily tasks are easy for most people.

Getting up in the morning. Taking a shower. Replying to text messages.

But for the depressed it can be like trying to run underwater. We're trying to make that more understandable, so that their loved ones can interact with them more comfortably.

This was probably one of my most intense hackathon as it was my first time using Unity as a video game engine and first time scripting in C#, so I had to learn a lot of content within 24 hours in order to churn out an animation in Virtual Reality for the pitch presentation.

BizConnect Journal

School Project · Software Engineering

BizConnect Journal was designed to be a powerful address book application that allows for easy and efficient handling of business contacts for businessman users.


NUS Orbital 2017 · Android Development

This was an Android App that enabled CCA members to have convenient access and management of CCA administrative and resource matters for both the Executive Committee team as well as its members.

My Portfolio

Web Development

My very own portfolio page hosted using GitHub pages!

It's a relatively simple website to neatly display my projects and achievements whilst familiarizing myself with HTML and CSS.

Mini Projects

Too small to be significant projects, but too precious to exclude from my life.

Pong Game in Javascript

Pong Github Repository

Hangman Game in Python

Hangman Github Repository